Everiee momeent..

Everiee momeent wee spent 2gether
izz moree beautiefull dn aniee sunset..
If sumonee assk me of bestt day everr
Iie wouldd alwayzzz say..D daay “Wheen wee met”😍

Iie luv U..iie amm whoo Iie m beczz of U
U’r everie reasoon, everiee hope n everiee dreaam
Iie hve eveer hadd n no mayter wht happenzz 2 uzz in d futuree
Everie day we r 2gether izz d greatest day of maa life
Iie weiil alwzz bee urzzz!😍

D onee Iie love wid all maa might
D onee Iie m thinkiin everiee nieght
D onee dat helpzz me mayke thingzz rieght
D onee iie dreaam of whn Iie sleep at nieght
D onee iie think of whn Iie hug maa pielow tieght
D onee Iie m not givin up widout puttin up a fieght!!😍

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