Mey thezz christmas holidayzz..

🎅Mey thezz christmas holidayzz refressh ur spiriet and
brieng U new inspieration and Happyness 4 lyf.
Wishing Merrie xmas.🎅

🎄Mey saanta clauz shoower d bountiez of love, peacee and happyness
on U at all d timezz!!
Hey friend wish you merry xmas. Stay Blessed always.🎄

🎆Chrisstmaz iz time 2 tell ur loved onezz
How muchh they mean 2 U..!!
Merrie chritsmas to all friendss!!🎆

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Christmas Funny Whatsapp Status in English

Chirstmazz izz cancelled!!!
I toold santaa i hve bin gud dis year. He diedd laughin!!😆

Howw do U knw santaa haz to bee a man?
Noh women wouldd wear d samme outfiet yeaar aftr yeaar!!🎅

I am dreeamin off whitee chirstmazz
Nott causzz I lik snoww or anythin, I am juzz racisst!!💪

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Christmas Funny WhatsApp Status

Dear Santaa, I’m writin dis to let u know
dt i’ve been naughty & it wazz worth it!!🎅

All i waan 4m christmazz izz 2 be loveed by U..
Steel, u bettr get somedin!!🎅💝

Dear Santaa, i don waant muchh 4m christmaaz🎅
I juzz waan d person readien 2 bee happie!!💝

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