Teddy Day SMS for Friends

Teddiee bear izz a daay of love..
Itzz a day when u findd ur truee love..
A day of heaartzz and yumiiee candiezzz..
A day whn U findd ur TEDIEE BEAR!!!💝

I wisshzzz I wazzz a tediee bear,
Dt laay upon ur bed,
So everiee time U cuddlee it,
U cuddle me insteaad!!
Happiee teddy bearr daY!!💝

Whn a TOUCHH couldd heall a woundd
Whn Eyeezz endd speaak volumeezzz
Whn a smileee can confrm I’m dr
Dn why do wee need wordzz 2 say I LOVE YOU !!💝

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